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Caring Physical Therapy in Wexford

At Breakout, we offer caring physical therapy in Wexford – that’s both personalized and confidential – to help you get back to 100%.

We Are…

  • Orthopedic Certified Specialists
  • With 30+ years of combined experience
  • Your first call and first stop for many injuries
  • Direct Access Certified (can see us without a doctor’s referral)
  • Your choice in post-operative rehabilitation
  • Your place for Pre-Surgical Readiness Assessment
  • Always respectful of your privacy, utilizing private treatment rooms
  • Ready to help you with your athletic injuries
  • Excited to help you develop your individual fitness program
  • Focused on helping you prevent injuries
  • Here to help you find the right doctor for your problem
  • Most of all Caring, Concerned, and Attentive professionals

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Lower Back Pain in Wexford, PA

Do you have an ache in your lower back that never seems to go away? Are you sometimes startled by painful shooting sensations running through that region? Get relief by visiting Breakout Advisors & Rehabilitation, a physiotherapy center for lower back pain in Wexford, PA. Our caring team works with you to identify the source of your pain and determine the most effective methods for mitigating your pain.­­­­­

Back pain is common; in fact, most people experience it at some point in their life. Most often, the pain goes away on its own quickly. However, if you have recently suffered a serious injury or the pain persists for several months, you likely need professional help. Come see our orthopedic-certified specialists to discover how physical therapy can help you stand, sit, and walk without pain.

Relieve Sciatica with Physical Therapy

Sciatica is a type of pain characterized by irritation in your lower extremity along the sciatic nerve. Patients experience this pain in their lower back and down through one or both legs. In addition to pain, most patients also experience numbness or a tingling sensation, as well as weakness in the limb.

Visit our clinic for effective sciatica treatment so you can stand tall again. Physiotherapy is one of the most effective methods for relieving the pain and numbness associated with sciatica.

Get Back to 100% by Seeing Our Qualified Specialists

Pain holds you back. Live your life to the fullest by seeing our physical therapist for pain relief. With more than 30 years of combined experience, the specialists at our clinic are ready to help you get back to 100%. Our treatments are personalized to your particular needs and goals. In addition, since we are certified for direct access, you can come see us without needing a doctor’s referral.

While lower back pain is one of the most common afflictions among our patients, our clinic is the first call and first stop for many different kinds of injuries and concerns. For example, some of the other issues our physical therapists help with include:

  • Post-Operative Rehabilitation
  • Pre-Surgical Readiness Assessments
  • Sports Injuries
  • Individual Fitness Program Development
  • Future Injury Prevention

As caring and attentive professionals, we are here to listen. Describe your symptoms to us so we can help you find the right solution for your problem. We look forward to helping you find the relief you need.

Complete Confidentiality at Our Clinic

For many people, their pain is a very private thing. We are always respectful of your privacy at our clinic, utilizing private treatment rooms for your comfort. Furthermore, physical therapy and our other services are always completely confidential. Please let our team know if there is anything we can do to make you more comfortable during your visits with us.

Contact us at 724.934.6813 to learn more about our treatments for lower back pain and our many physical therapy services. We serve patients from throughout Wexford, McCandless, and Gibsonia, Pennsylvania, as well as the surrounding areas.

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